Heavy rain threatens burrowing owl homes in Cape Coral

Mar 23, 2024 | Burrowing Owls, In the News

​Burrowing owls in Cape Coral are threatened as heavy rain puts their homes in danger.

Cheryl Anderson, who is on the board of directors for the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife, says, “That’s why we want your help now.”

The non-profit organization focuses on preserving and enhancing wildlife species like our burrowing owls.

“Most people know where the burrowing owls are in their neighborhood,” said Anderson.

Pelican Park Baseball Complex is just one of many areas where burrowing owl nests can be found, but recent heavy rains have threatened some of the owls’ eggs as the nesting season continues.

“So right now, any other time of year, there’s more likely to be eggs in a burrow or young babies in a burrow that can’t escape,” said Anderson. “So that’s why we might have a chance to save some of them that would otherwise drown or just be flooded out.

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