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We routinely answer frequently asked questions about Cape Coral wildlife and what to do when you observe an issue.

Q. I’ve witnessed a threat to wildlife or their habitat. Who do I contact?

A. Who to contact for wildlife questions or to report possible violations

Q. I want to help an injured animal. What do I do?

A. What to do if you encounter injured wildlife

injured bird

Q. How do I observe or photograph burrowing owls without disturbing them?

A. Read Our Burrowing Owl Viewing Etiquette and Tips

owl and gopro

Q. How can I attract a burrowing owl family to my property?

A. Learn how to dig a starter burrow


Q. How do I clean or maintain around an existing burrow?

A. How to safely clean and weed-whack around a burrowing owl nest

Q. Aren’t the city utilities projects threatening wildlife habitat?

A. Learn about the UEP plans and how Friends of Wildlife are monitoring the construction


City of Cape Coral Burrowing Owl Ordinance


City of Cape Coral Gopher Tortoise Day Proclamation

UEP Response Plan

Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife
UEP Response Plan