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Support CCFW

There are number of ways you can support our mission, including becoming a member, donating and volunteering for events and operations.
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Join/Renew Membership

Help support wildlife in Cape Coral by becoming a member, or renewing your existing membership.

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Donate to CCFW

Make a tax deductible donation to support Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife and our mission to protect and educate.

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Adopt an Owl

Adopt a Cape Coral Burrowing Owl to help fund burrow maintenance activities and other programs.

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Shop CCFW Merchandise

Get some unique apparel, wear your support for Cape Coral's wildlife and help further our mission by shopping CCFW merchandise.

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Get Involved

Volunteer with Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife and make a difference educating and benefiting our community.

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Help Preserve Land

Our sister organization, Cape Coral Wildlife Trust, is actively seeking donations to help acquire vacant parcels that support important wildlife habitat within the city.