Wildlife group seeks $900K state grant for burrowing owl habitats in Cape Coral

Jan 19, 2024 | Burrowing Owls, In the News

​A local wildlife group wants $900,000 from the state to go to new burrowing owl habitats.

The Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife is asking the city council to say yes to Florida Fish and Wildlife’s Burrowing Owl Protection Grant.

Cheryl Anderson is a board of directors on CCFW and president of the Cape Coral Wildlife Trust. She says the grant is already paid for.

“The money will come from funds that have been paid mostly by people in the City of Cape Coral when they get permits to remove owls from property for building purposes,” Anderson said.

If the council gives the green light, the trust already has more than 10 vacant lots in mind. Most of them are in northwest Cape Coral.

burrowing owl pair