Photos of Florida’s Fight to Protect Threatened Burrowing Owls

Oct 31, 2023 | Burrowing Owls, In the News

Cape Coral, Florida, a city experiencing unprecedented growth. While great for their economy, the economic boom is disastrous for wildlife, especially species that thrive in open, treeless areas. In particular, the burrowing owl population is suffering as its habitat shrinks.

The burrowing owl is currently designated by the state as “threatened,” and this small bird is an essential part of the ecosystem and deserves our protection.

These owls, typically found in flat, prairie-type land, have had to adapt to survive in neighborhoods, next to sidewalks, near construction, and other manufactured structures that all come with their own threats. This proximity to humans leaves them vulnerable to passing cars (they are low-flying), household pets, and their food supply (mice) being contaminated with pest control agents.

Thus, the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife hopes to prevent the further decline of this unique ground-dwelling bird by pushing for citizen intervention: caring citizens must dedicate space in their yards as habitat and welcome burrowing owls in as neighbors through “Starter Burrows,” which they will start themselves (or with the help of CCFW). This program offers no monetary incentive and is done solely through compassion.

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