Cape Coral residents protest proposed Redfish Pointe development of homes, shops, hotel

Sep 27, 2023 | Advocacy, In the News

As rain hit Rotary Park on Wednesday morning, around 100 Cape Coral residents came and marched, armed with wet signs with many saying they were there to “stop a future crime.”

In March at Catch The Vision, a Cape Coral development event, a proposed future land use for the Redfish Pointe Mixed-use Preserve District was unveiled, which sparked months of protests and inquiries from surrounding residents who worry that a potential development would have a severe environmental impact on the area.

The proposed land use change aims to create a template for development in the vein of Tarpon Point, a luxury waterfront development that includes homes, shops, a marina and a Westin resort in south Cape Coral. The owners of the Redfish Pointe property seek a proposed maximum development of 800 multifamily units with restaurants, shops, offices, and a 300-room hotel. 

redfish pointe protest