Residents sound off over proposed changes in Cape Coral neighborhood

May 3, 2023 | Advocacy, In the News

There has been mixed feedback from viewers about the proposed changes and upgrades to Jaycee Park in Cape Coral.

Cape Coral City Council held a vote on Wednesday to move forward with hiring a design firm, which will focus on the design of potential improvements and changes to Jaycee Park.

The original proposal, which included a bar, a place for food trucks, and an amphitheater, was not passed. City Council wants people to know that none of the proposed changes are set in stone.

However, many people from the community are worried the park could eventually become unrecognizable.

No empty seats, and people lined up along the back wall, it was immediately clear Wednesday that many from the community don’t want big changes to come to their beloved Jaycee Park.

“Let’s not pave paradise and put up a parking lot,” an anonymous Cape Coral resident said.

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