Cape Coral landscaper caught mowing over burrow

Apr 26, 2023 | Burrowing Owls, In the News

On Wednesday, Christopher, a homeowner in Cape Coral said he feared the front yard burrowing owls were dead after he said his landscaper intentionally drove over their burrow with a lawn mower.

Christopher told Fox 4 that both owls (Ian and Irma) were unharmed.

“ I was immediately having images of the mower going over and the owls getting decapitated by the mower,” said Christopher.

It comes at a time when members of the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife report that more burrowing owls are being spotted in the cape since Hurricane Ian.

Christopher, who said he is a lifelong bird enthusiast said the two owls moved into the front yard in March and that’s when he bought the security camera to keep an eye on them.

Christopher said it was around the same time that he said he told their established landscaper, to stay away from the blocked-off nests.