Cape Coral’s burrowing owls may have gotten lucky during Hurricane Ian

Nov 3, 2022 | Burrowing Owls, In the News

Mr. Lucky is a real owl. In fact, the burrowing owl has become somewhat of a spokesman for Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife (CCFW).

Despite howling winds and flooding waters from Hurricane Ian, Mr. Lucky – because he’s also Mr. Smarty – survived. As did most of his friends.

“Their survival techniques are why owls have been here millions of years,” said Cheryl Anderson, an active member of CCFW. “I did not see one drowned owl, and I’ve heard reports of only one or two that were found dead. They get out of their burrows and get to higher ground. They went up against a tree or huddled against a home or against a home’s eaves. They move around, they don’t migrate. They don’t go 100 miles or to Puerto Rico. They stay within 10-20 miles of their habitat.”

Mr. Lucky