2024 Burrowing Owl Photo Contest Results

May 20, 2024 | Events, Photo Contests

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the winners of the 2024 Burrowing Owl Photo Contest! The response this year was overwhelming, with an abundance of stunning and distinctive images capturing the essence of these magnificent birds. It was an honor to have Jesslyn Ferentz, Meteorologist for ABC7 news, as our MC, guiding us through the festivities with her expertise and charm. Joining us was Council Member Richard Carr, who graciously presented awards to our talented photographers. Cheryl Anderson, the passionate creator of the contest and CCFW Board Member at Large, lent her boundless enthusiasm and love for these creatures, infusing the event with joy and excitement.

Adult Category

First Place


Photo Credit: Darlayne Coughlin

Second Place


Photo Credit: Paul Tressler

Third Place


Photo Credit: Lynn Delahanty

T-Third Place


Photo Credit: John Hawkins

Youth Category

1st Place

Photo Credit: Abigail Gallagher

2nd Place

Photo Credit: Seth Gallagher

Adalyn Miller

3rd Place

Photo Credit: Adalyn Miller

Honorable Mention

Photo Credit: Nathan Josiah Atack

Photo Credit: Jeremiah Eli Atack

Photo Credit: Sarah Krzos

Photo Credit: Ryleigh Steeb-Howard

Photo Credit: Shawn David Krzos