June 19, 2022 "Casa Grande, AZ woman saves several colonies of burrowing owls", SF Gate


March 2, 2022  WKRG News 5 Alabama: Rare owl spotted for first time in 20 years at Gulf State Park

February 25, 2022 Carl Veaux Interview on WGCU

February 25, 2022 NPR Cape Coral's Citizen Sanctuary

February 26, 2022 Gulf Shore Life Burrowing Owl Festival

February 21, 2022 abc-7 Cape Coral Working to Protect Burrowing Owls as Nesting Season Begins

February 19, 2022   Florida Wildlife Federation FWC Extends Gopher Tortoise Waiver Without Public Debate

February 15, 2022  Everglades Trust

January 31, 2022  Cape Coral Breeze  The Pied Piper of rat control 

Punxsutawney Phil? Pshaw. Burrowing owl to predict the brrrr

October 20,2021 Ecowatch   California Vineyards use Owls Instead of Pesticide

January 5, 2022 Floridians and their Scrub Jay: Can they coexist?


December 22, 2021 American Birding Association

American Birding Association:  Burrowing Owl, the 2022 ABA Bird of the Year!

December 13, 2021 Fort Myers News Press

Looking for a unique gift? How about adopting a burrowing owl

November 23, 2021 Wink News Environmental advocates worry gopher tortoises will lose protectons

November 11, 2021 Cape Coral Breeze  Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife Owl Adoption Makes a Great Gift for the Holdiays

November 4, 2021 NBC2 Trick-or-Treaters run over, trample several owl burrows, conservation group says

Cape Coral Breeze September 16, 2021 CCFW opposes harvesting saw palmetto berries in 20/20 preserves

Fox4 News July 14  2021, Burrowing owl nests being threatened by developments and natural causes

April 14, 2021 NBC2 Burrowing owlets rescued from flooded Cape Coral burrow

Burrowing owlets rescued from flooded Cape Coral burrow

Febuary 16, 2021  NBC2   Nesting season underway for Cape Coral burrowing owls

February 7, 2021 - Cape Coral Breeze: Cape’s Ground Owl Day remembers burrowing owls — and their supporter   https://www.capecoralbreeze.com/news/local-news/2021/02/02/capes-ground-owl-day-remembers-burrowing-owls-and-their-supporter/

February 7, 2021 - FOX4 News - Ground Owl will predict the weather for Southwest Florida


January 22, 2021 - Cape Coral Breeze: Mayor Joe Coviello was a Wildlife Supporter


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