Southern Bald Eagle

Florida is home over 1100 nesting pair of the Southern Bald Eagle. This is an estimated 80 percent of the entire population found in the southeastern United States and the third largest breeding population in the country. Only Alaska and Minnesota have more breeding pairs.

The Bald Eagle, (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) is protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act as well as the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection act.  In addition the Bald Eagles are protected under the Code of Ordinances here in Cape Coral.  Malicious destruction of Bald Eagle nests or harassment of Bald Eagles is against the law and carries severe penalties.

In Cape Coral, it is against the law to approach a

Bald Eagle nest closer than 150 feet.

(3) Cape Coral law states that no person shall be permitted within 150 feet of the base of any tree which is occupied by an eagle or an eagle's nest, or beyond the edge of the nearest street to the tree, whichever is the greater distance, during eagle nesting season or until all young eagles have successfully fledged.