Saving Burrowing Owls in the Rain

Jun 13, 2024 | Burrowing Owls, In the News

We’ve got lots of rain the past couple of days, and it’s flooding and burrowing owls’ homes.

The older owls can fly to higher ground, but Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife President Pascha Donaldson worries about the babies!

“If our babies have not fledged, if they can’t fly to escape the water, they usually end up drowning unless Mom or Dad can carry them to a higher spot,” Donaldson said.

Even if mom and dad bring them on higher ground, they’re still at risk.

“With it being cold and rainy all day, they could they could easily die just from not being warm,” Donaldson said.

That’s why Pascha rescued these baby owls.

They might not be happy with Donaldson right now, but they will thank her later.

“They’ll be put back with Mom when the burrow dries out,” Donaldson said.

The wise old owls can take it from there.

Donaldson took WINK News reporter Tiffany Rizzo to several burrows completely filled with water. If you see babies that need help, please call Crow or Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife.

Saving Burrowing Owls in the rain